• Justin Sayn


    Hey, guys. This is my very first post! :D

    So, I have a little problem when it comes to getting good guitars... I'm left handed. Guitars cost twice as more, and most high-end models don't even come left handed! Custom shop is more money than my truck is worth, and finding a dealer who will even search for a left handed model is hard to find.

    I'm aware that the more common models (eclipse, viper, horizon, etc.) do have a left handed option.

    Lately, I've been particular about the Random Star models. I wanted to look at custom shop models, but the RS isn't even an option anymore. And the only way to get it is to pay $4500 and have it shipped from Japan (George Lynch Kamikaze Star). I don't want the Roope Latvala, or Gus G signatures. I want something that's more original.

    So, does anyone know how I can find SV-STD(bloodbath, or pearl bevel) or a Random Star that isn't an signature model? Or is ESP being knobs about having all models be left handed like Gibson is?

    • Geetarguy70

      Dude I am a lefty and have 3 ESP Custon MX-250's, 2 black and 1 white and the black and gray ESP Trucksters and a bunch more. Check Drumcity Guitarland's website. They have a TON of lefty's and often times barely more than the righties. They have the KH-4 with the Fuck You inlay Lefty as well and all the Lynch models. They are a good dealer and have never screwed me over