• Jan S.

    here's what I think/know/think I know :p

    1. if you pay for red binding, you will get red binding. That's why it's a custom. If that is not an option on the standard form, than order through a dealer (like bmusic). They know how to pass through other options
    2. not for sure, but I guess the same answer goes here as in point 1
    3. if you are NOT a US resident, I'd say it could be done. not completely sure on the Jackson headstock, but I thought this was possible for non US. Again, this is something you should work out with a dealer
    4. Yes
    5. Normally on a horizon, they should be able to make adjustments to your liking
    6. Again not completely sure, but I thought this is also a NON US thing, correct me if I'm wrong.