• chilly

    Castom Shop M2 vs Standart M2

    This is my first masageello.I jave question to ESP
    I am a proud owner of bass guitar (Warwick VAmpyre Dark Lord)
    and i am also a proud owner of guitar (ESP M2.)
    But i am jast courius if i will order castom shop m2 with exectly the same specs and colour, the quality of sound will be the same:confused:

    p.s. Because I asked the same question at their castom shop forum Warwick claims that all their basses have exectly the same quality as castom shop, so there is no difference in quality betwen the stock ones and castom shop one:hat

    • Adam

      Without actually ever owning an esp, I could safely wager that the responses you're going to get will be along the lines of-

      "The custom shop m2 is handmade with hand-selected woods and a greater quality build etc so the quality of sound is likely to be slightly better".

      Probably not enough to justify spending so much more on a guitar with the same specs though :\

    • charles_a_pyle

      as for sound i dont know but i can definitly tell a huge difference in playability and detail in the fretwork