• gainiac

    Does this look legit?

    Seller say this is a custom shop, but there's something about it that just strikes me wrong anyway.
    eBay ESP Explorer
    I'm aware you can custom order a guitar through Navigator or ESP, but I still wonder, this being actually in China/Hong Kong, what we actually have here?

    • Throne_Of_Lunacy

      i dont like the finish..

    • gainiac

      I'm seeing no truss rod cover, nor screw holes for a truss rod cover.
      The finish could easily be a cheap one. Might have been requested, but still looks cheap.
      The combination of no pickguard and the control layout - again could be just part of the custom order.
      It's coming out of Hong Kong from a relatively new seller with not exactly a ton of ratings.
      I kinda think if I was a Chinese fraudster looking to rip off Americans, I might produce guitars that look like this.
      I've been through the Navigator custom shop process, and I know they can do just about anything, so I'm not saying it's definitely a fake. Just some odd choices that make me wonder.

    • ShreddyMcFunTits

      Lets look at the facts:

      1) It has no custom shop stamp.
      2) There is no Truss Rod
      3) The Paint has "peeled" around the truss rod and bottom of the body even though it was made last year (if actually was).

      Even on the basis of the 1st 2 I'd say there is a high chance of it being fake.

    • gainiac

      I do think there's a good chance it's real. Just wondering. I collect guitars, and ESPs are interesting to me, and this one is different, and if it's real, I'm sure it's very high quality. I'm not a young guy, so maybe my brain cells aren't so quick as the younger crowd here, or maybe I've just killed more of them. Was that the seller posting here on this thread?

    • Fikealox

      Sixxpounder has an amazing collection of guitars and a very good rep on this forum and at least one other forum I frequent. I don't have a doubt that the guitar's real

    • Mark K.

      wow..that headstock looks killer!!! it looks like painted rosewood...what is it exactly?

    • bloodstyle

      the only thing that looks weird to me is that theres no esp custom in the back AND there is no ® beside the ESP sign and the ESP sign is placed weird. It is easy to place that esp sign because theres no clear coat on the guitar... but it is strangely placed

    • Sixstringhotshot

      I posted that as a public service. Of course I know what you meant, but the internet is a haven for some of the STUPIDEST people I've ever known....and they probably took what you said literally.

    • Brono

      Benji :lol