• emg32

    ^^Well, the sound came from the neck joint, so...its has to be the bolt-on construction. However, maby it was just mine EXP that suffered this weakness, and not the EXPs in general. I don`t know....but it also makes some sense to me that a bolt on construction is...dare I say "weaker", than a set neck git. Another example here... if I struck a chord of some sort on the EXP while sitting and playing, and I`d lift the guitar up near my face holding left hand on neck, while right hand on side of the body(ca strap placement), the chord/note that I hit would immediatly turn sour. This has yet to happen with any of the set neck gits I have own/owned/tested. This just tells me...something is a tad weak here.

    Sounds like you could of had some slight play in your bolt-on. Probably just needed to be shimmed slightly. Easy fix probably. IMO that is not typical of bolt-on necks, if they are of good quality, but that goes for all guitars.

    Most bolt-on's are solid, I know mine are, and just as reliable as neck-thru or set-neck guitars.

    I don't really have a preference on neck construction either but bolt-on's do have a distinct attack and tone that set-necks and neck-thrus sometimes lack. Neck construction is just a preference thing more than anything else though. I wouldn't say any neck construction is better than another.