• metsabbatallica

    indeed with ouija inlays or a custom inlay of sorts

    • Shinji


      I think it is a real shame to copy something which is supposed to be a "one of kind instrument" (I don't see any interest in this...)

      What a lake of creativity and respect for the original owner who made everything... |I

      Just make something different... It is not more complicated than this...
      Everybody can create his own instrument.

      Honestly... I spent so much time and energy with people at the Custom Shop to make those things alive...
      This is why I will ask ESP to do not do again a purple custom color I made on a Horizon body and / or the blue one custom color I made on a M-II body...

      And those who know me, know that I'm not kidding...
      I just have to walk the street and talk to them... :|

      The only thing I understand is I should not show anymore some of my guitars on the internet for these reasons.