• Sjusovaren

    hi, im new to esp- ive traditionally been a fender/kramer kind of person... i was wondering if anyone on here could shed any light on my new guitar, i think the previous owner posted on here back in 1998, and id like to see if i can find out anything more about it.

    anyway, its an m-ii custom, serial no. 50550... i believe from 1990/1993
    ive been told there may be some sort of lynch/kamikaze 4 link to it... can anyone shed any light on it?

    i dont really know any more than that, other than the fact it plays beautifully, and looks cool...

    also, the pink covers on the pickups are just stickers- shall i leav them on or take em off? any suggestions from u guys?

    i always assumed esp custom shops had stamps on the back of their necks saying esp custom shop, but the back of this ones neck is blank. is this guitar a custom shop guitar? its not a standard series colour- its the same shade of green as the kamikaze 4. the pics make it look a bit like a vomit sort of green but in the flesh its amazing... :hat... its pretty much the colour of that guys hat.

    let me know if more pics would be helpful


    I'd like to see more pics please. :hat *drools*