• Angel Of Death181

    The Mock-Up Thread

    Here we go again, mod if you can please make this a stickey


      ok i have waited a long time for this so could someone please make this. my request is an ibanez iceman 400 body. quilted maple top with see thru black cherry finish with black binding. emg pickups 81 and 85 ofr in black with a black master volume and a black 3 way toggle in the postion as on a les paul.

      neck: 25.5 scale 24 frets large diamond inlays in peral, ebony fretboard black binding,

      headstock: f series shape black machine heads with ofr locking nut and a quilted maple top with finish to match body.

      also i would like this also as a seven string with same specs and the 7 string tremblo by floyd . thanks alot for your time

    • ShreddyMcFunTits

      Manic you still have my V to do.

    • fuzzymuffler

      I bet viperplayer's gonna request a viper with a reverse pointy headstock and EMGzorz

    • rockinhockey

      is there even anyone who does mockups anymore?

    • Trogdor

      How bout the new blue and green EC finishes on some different bodies?

      I'd like to see the green quilt on a V with gold hardware and white binding on neck/hs

    • ESPManiac

      oh yea, whoever i made that for needs to tell me what to fix

    • ShreddyMcFunTits

      It needs to be a white gibby V with fullshread :p

    • Sirkenzington

      oki,this would be pretty cool!

      Forest-Gt with EVH 5150 graphics
      string through, 2 emg's
      1 vol and 1 tone, and 3 way toggle switch.
      ebony neck, no inlays, matching headstock

    • ShreddyMcFunTits

      It still doesn't mean he can't ask for a mockup of one.

    • Mark K.

      well, I've asked it 2 or 3 times on the old boardz, but never got mine done so...here it goes:)

      I'd like a mock-up of a SV Standard

      body: Alder
      body finish: black with cream pinstripes
      Neck: 3 pc hard maple natural finish
      joint: neck-thru
      neck shape: extra thin flat
      headstock: black reversed jackson style with ESP Custom logo on it
      binding: cream binding on neck and headstock
      fretboard: ebony or rosewood
      inlay: cream sawtooth inlay
      frets: 24 XJ
      nut: original floyd rose locking nut/ 43mm
      bridge: original floyd rose
      tuners: sperzels locking
      pickups: EMG 81 bridge; EMG 85 neck
      hardware: 3 way toggle; 1 volume knob; deep dish on the side of body (like Alexi)
      hardware color: gold

      cheers, :D

    • shakeESP

      Oh, well if you have a spare moment.

      Could somebody mock me up a 7 string sea bass with a floyd rose trem in black, along with 24 frets, no fretboard required! Oh and an EMG 81 in the....bridge, yeah?


    • AlexiWildchild

      Could someone please do two mockups for me?

      The Alexi RV in white, with a maple fretboard, black binding and black Sawtooth inlays. And the black RV also with a maple fretboard, black binding and black Scythe inlays. :)

    • efanny

      Baritone exp, black, white gibbo explorer style pickguard, emg 81 and 60, one singal volume and no pickup selector switch (why? i have no idea), ebony board w/ diamond inlays, chrome hardware, sperzel locking machine heads, string thru body

      in two versions: one with a hocky stick style one (like one hetfields esp's, i dunno what they're called) and one with reverse esp six in a line

      i would do it myslef but i am shit with computers, which is the reason i havent recorded demos of my songs for my band to listen to yet {:S

    • JonTKK

      Hey ESP Maniac... thanks for the forest gt 7, its just missing the controls... I'd like the layout to be like the m2 ctm, and the inlays to be bats like on jason miller's forest...

      thanks mate...

      love yr work

    • ShreddyMcFunTits

      Black Machine is here but he stopped making alot of mockups a wile ago. He also stopped posting too.

      Maniac, you finished with my V yet?

      If so I have another one if you or anyone else wants it:

      EX body
      27'' Scale
      Natural finish
      Koa top
      ebony fretboard
      24 frets
      no inlays
      reverse pointed headstock
      Gold hardware
      EMG 81 in bridge