• dragonzrmetal

    I would order a right handed random star body in the same red flame as the Gus model with a black burst in the middle if that is possible with wood dyes, also with a neck-thru like yours. I would give it an original Floyd Rose, the neck would have 24 frets. I would have a mahogany body with maple neck. Ebony fingerboard, I have that on my main guitar and it feels great. I would have a reverse headstock in the same shape as the Gus G 600 model, with the pointy bit specially adapted for slaying demons, because having the 6 tuners on one side is so much easier. Seymour Duncan black winter in the bridge, and something a bit warmer in the neck so I can get a nice crunchy tone still, failing that, a Gus G blackout in the neck. Yep, Gus fan over here :P

    Trapezoid pearl block inlays just like those on a les paul, at frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 ,15, 17, 19, 22, 24. I don't like an inlay at the first fret, and I prefer the second last inlay at 22 rather than 21. I would ask for a volute at the headstock, I actually LOVE them, and I don't know if ESP makes them, I have never seen an ESP with a volute. There would be fret markers on the side on the neck aswell as the inlays. I would have les paul style knobs, 2 tone 2 volume, placed in a diamond shape like they are on an eclipse on the lower rear "wing" of the body. :) It would have triple plywood binding on the front of the body, neck and headstock.

    I would like to differentiate the guitar from the Gus G guitar somehow, but my only quarrels with the gus is the tone knobs, lack of floyd rose in the current version and 22 frets. Haha. I suppose I could do something a bit more funky with the headstock, like a graphic finish, or a V headstock.

    One day, when I'm a rockstar...