• lec0rsaire

    Kirk has said repeatedly that there will never be a Mummy release. It's his special guitar and that's the end of the story. I fell In love with it the first time I saw it back in '97 or so. The WZ is cool, but the LTD version they released is garbage. Bolt-on, no paint on the pickups, cheap looking maple neck. The case is cool and the graphic is cool and the resale will go up for sure later on, but it's not worth it like the LTD Ouija was or even the regular KH-602 is. The 602'is a much better built guitar for the money. Best bet is to get a 602 or KH-2 NTB and have a professional artist paint it for you. I've seen some well done paint jobs out there. Stay away from the decals.

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