• lec0rsaire

    Good luck with that. I also want one. They went for $2,000-2,500 on eBay a decade ago but they are getting more and more scarce. No one wants to part with them. Your only hope is Japan if they still are in production. Expect to spend $5,000 for a new one from over there. I was an idiot. I had a JH-2 in front of me at Sam ash back in '98-99 for $1,799 and I didn't buy it and took a KH-2 instead. There was also an original brand new bolt-on Ouija Kh-2 at 48th st guitars that I also slept on. Back then I had no idea that lawsuits were coming for both of those. I thought the Ouija would be around for a while. Now the KH-2s are a dime a dozen except for the Ouija and all the JH signatures and regular ESP EXPs and MXs fetch double and triple the original price in some cases. The JH-3 eclipse I also tried but I was never into LP style guitars. I also demo'd a JH-1 around the same time. Badass looking guitar but since I was shopping for my 2nd guitar I needed something comfortable to practice on and Vs are really ideal for live playing.