• vdubs75

    I'm thinking of selling mine.



    The Grynch

    Iron Cross

    Truckster with Hetfield's original signature

    • Jadeloriann


      How much for JH-2 and Iron Cross


    • vdubs75

      Make me an offer. Always depends on how much you value these babys.

    • njustis4all

      What's the condition of the JH-2? Do you have the COA? Thanks!

    • vdubs75

      All guitars are in great conidition. I have all COAs. The JH-1, JH-2, and Grynch are in Germany right now. But I can bring them back in May. I left them there at my Dad's place since I moved to the US.


      More info:

      JH-1: I bought that used in 1997 from 48th Street Guitars. It is #002, I was told by ESP that #001 belongs to Hetfield. It does not have the original case. It does have two minor cracks where the neck connects to the body, which was a common issue with these. I haven't played it as much b/c the neck shape is different from the other JH signature series.


      JH-2: This is one of few JH-2 with long serial number and w/o the stamped number on the last fret. I know of 11 of these and there aren't much more. Originally, it was stated that the JH-2 was limited to 200 pcs, but I have never seen one(!) with a stamped number higher than #096 in the last 15 years. So that 200 statement is questionable in my opinion. The story I was told is that because of the popularity of that guitar, especially b/c of the "I Disappear" video they made a couple of extra ones. This can be completet BS then again it makes sense.


      The Grynch: Like New - Barely played #236


      IC: #026 Actually this is in new condition. Absolutely stunning.


    • InvisibleKid73

      how much are you looking for the iron cross, truckster and the jh2 if you have not sold them