• Xander

    how do you now? they tell you? because to me they told me they don't know :/ i hope i get lucky and become with case! but in the web page tell with case! i hope so!!

    • Samuel C

      So I order mine before the namm so I didnt know anything , the price either... then (after the namm, arround 15-20 january) in the web site they said there is no case but in the sites in USA who sell the guitar, there were a case so I went to my shop where I ordered the guitar and he called the supplier and the supplier said there is'nt any case.... So I ordered the case and I will pay it :/


      And now I dont know why in the web site there is a case included

      All for the Ltd ;) If you pay 5000$ for the ESP version you have obviously a case :P