• jt76

    I agree also - it is supposed to be reverse to the eclipse.

    by the way If there is enough wire available you can just unscrew the volume knobs and reverse their locations so that it will be like the eclipse was.    no soldering required.   unless the wires are to short than it is a more involved project.

    • Pat M.

      Yeah it's cool. I may reverse them as I'm use to that. The thing I don't understand iswhen the 3 wayswitch is in the middle position, why do either volumes shut the sound off? What exactly is the purpose of this position? If it was a tap of each pickup then each volume shouldturn down its respective pickup and not both coil splits together. 

    • jt76

      its a blend position,  so that you can mix how much of each pickup you want,  the shut off with both volumes is so that either can be used to turn the guitar off, therefore if you are in the middle postion and you want silence you don't have to turn off both volumes.