• Big Rich

    The string spacing on the LTD feels closer than on my other ESPs (which is why I rarely play it). I wasn't sure if that was an LTD thing or if that's how the necks are on all the skull and snakes.

    Rich, how does the neck on yours compare to your Kami? I have fat fingers which is why I love the wide Lynch necks.

    honestly dude i dont notice a difference in the spacing at all, so i would assume its the same 43mm nut on a 45mm neck width. and i also have fat fingers, which is why i love the lynch necks so much. the back of the neck profile is slightly different on each one, its not a huge difference but you do notice a slight contour shape difference on each if you play them back to back.

    the kami has sort of a modern C shape going on, the M1 tiger has a modern U shape it gets fatter and rounder around the edge of the fretboard, and the skulls and snakes and serpent models ive had has a slim flat neck similar to the kh2 bolt ons. its really fast and shreddy.

    its not something that would throw you off when switching up guitars but you deff will notice a slight difference in them

    get the real ESP you wont be dissapointed, they can be had for between 1000-1400 used, i wouldnt pay any more than that for one :cool: