• yzfr6i

    ESP Skull and Snakes vs GL-600SS

    I currently have an LTD GL-600SS, but have been thinking about buying an ESP skull & snakes. Has anyone played both, and is there enough of a difference between them to make it worth the purchase.

    I know the LTD has a maple body and the ESP uses an alder, but aside from that and the neck pickup their specs are the same.

    If I get the ESP I would be selling the LTD, so I want to make sure it's a move in the right direction.

    • Big Rich

      the higher end LTD's are really solid workhorse guitars, but the real ESP's are just made nicer. you will notice a difference in feel between the two most likely, the ESP will deff have a nicer fit/finish on it.

      some LTD's are awesome guitars, but they wont compare to a real ESP quality wise

    • dinga

      I have an ESP Skulls and Snakes. The shop I got it from brought in the LTD version after I had purchased the ESP one. Having played both, they are completely different animals. The body is different, the art work is less detailed on the LTD and the neck is different. Still a good guitar but the ESP version feels much better. They are also 3 times the price of the LTD.

    • yzfr6i

      The string spacing on the LTD feels closer than on my other ESPs (which is why I rarely play it). I wasn't sure if that was an LTD thing or if that's how the necks are on all the skull and snakes.

      Rich, how does the neck on yours compare to your Kami? I have fat fingers which is why I love the wide Lynch necks.

    • Wilder

      The main thing you get with the signature ESPs is quality.

      I have 3 GL signatures,(Kami prototype, Kami 2 and a 91 GL smakes & Skukks with strat headstock & side dot markers).

      I have other guitars from Gibson( les Paul custon), Ibanez (artist and Presteige)  and PRS ( 1988 24 standard) , and there is a very noticable difference, even with these high end guitars, is just how much better built, and just how good by comparison the ESPs feel.

      I played an Ibanez RG presteige model( now sold), and it felt like bolsa wood put together in a shed by comparison to the ESPs.. Theres simply nothing I could fault with them. BTW, the snakes and skulls feels totally different to the Kamis, but they can sound similar. - They are the best guitars I have played, and i have played em all...