• Corey Y.

    My name is Corey and I am in constant contact with a friend who runs a guitar company and he's consistantly building and shipping the replications of the KH-2  Boris Karloff The Mummy. And at a considerably modest price considering. 

    • Jordan J.

      Sorry, are you offering rip off esp's for sale on the esp website?! Lol thanks for the offer, but im really only intrested in the real thing, not an Ali express special.

    • Corey Y.

      No clue honestly what goes into the production of these esp knock offs. I am only sure of their playability And how close to the original they appear to be. Wasn't marketing for anybody, but if a person had to have one, there are other avenues to explore because after this many years I still haven't seen one attempt at an official mummy re-issue...