• Max Delassus

    ESP Eclipse "Sun" Esa Holopainen

    Hi, I just want to know other owners of this Signatures Series Eclipse.

    There are some pics on my profile if you don't know it.


    • Max Delassus

      To all owners of this guitar, you should verify if the pickups are wax-potted.
      I found that my guitar was too noisy, a lot of feedback even with my hand on the strings and pickups...
      A friend playing with Seymour Duncan SH1 and SH5 told me that these pickups need to be wax-potted to eliminate feedback.
      I had to verify on my guitar and the pickups were not, so I had to bring it to a guitar-maker, who build his own pickups, and he made me a wax to put on the pickups.
      It worked really fine, since this operation, my guitar keeps quiet, even with high gain !
      So if you own a guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups, you'd better to check your pickups.

    • roger s.

      i really want to get one of this !

    • roger s.

      what can you tell me about neck ? is fat thicker  like a real les paul ? i really want one of this !

    • James Q.

      I love my Esa Eclipse. It didn't like the long distance travel to me but I had it set up and a fret buzz removed and it is an amazing guitar.


    • Matthias P.

      Hi there,

      I own this guitar since very recently, but it was love on first sight.

      My pickups were pot-waxed (the wax was visible at the pickup screws) and were ok not for high gain in ultimate closure of the amp, but yes, it's ok. Had some other eclipse where the seymour duncans were screaming even in 4-5 m distance at half gain :(

      not usable for the stage...


      But this guitar is lovely, just love the ebony finger board and the massiveness of the sound. it is also very playable for a full thickness body and neck. Don't know what they made different in comparison to the expensive competition, but they did it well.

      Also, the colour of the body is much darker than proclaimed in the photos by esp. its more like a very dark brown, but it more fits my style and the gold hardware, so definitely check out the non esp images if you really want to get one of these.



    • Partyka

      Hi! Tell me please: "push-push", or not "push-push", like Holopainen review on youtube. My Sun is not(( 

      Thx & regards

    • Max Delassus

      I have the push push on mine :-)))

    • Partyka

      Ur push push is hand made or —Āomplies with stock specs?

      Sorry, i'm not englishphone.

      Thx & regards