• Synix

    Yeah, Floyds can be a bugger if you don't know all the in's and out's of them, my advice is to get a strip of wood or something (I use a notebook I have laying around most of the time) and place it under the floyd so it blocks any backwards movment, then I tighten the spring claw a bit and restring my guitar and tune it up to pitch. If everything worked as it should, the blocker should still be trapped in place because you added in some extra tention by tightning the claw at the start, so now I slowly loosen the claw until I can slide the blocking device free, then one last fine tune and it's done.

    That one little tip makes it so much eaiser to manage a floyd during set up, I can change strings and all that faster on a floyd then I can on a TOM bridge, and people say floyds are near impossible to tune, HA!

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