• Paco572

    Tronical Tuner For LTD series CONFIRMED!!

    Reasons for editing the post,B.S.


    • Paco572

      Sorry didn't exactly have a good day. Tronical asked  me to remove the word CEO from my post, which I did. I had assumed the person I was dealing was the boss but that was not the case and he got in trouble. I got piffed because he shouldn't have got into trouble in the first place, my thinking was, why didn't the Boss just ask me to remove any reference to him, I would have done so. So now that the boss is piffed, there's no way to tell if Tronical will make a tuner for the ESP LTD series. My bad.

      So at this time, it is unconfirmed. So I'm sorry if I caused any trouble and hope that Tronical Tuner makes this fine tuner for the ESP LTD. To ensure a fair shake for those not involved, I will no longer play any role or have any influence in this matter whatsoever.  I have since sold my ESP LTD EC1000 as of this morning and thus I no longer have any connection to this matter. I hope this brings this matter to a close.