• 6-String

    Did you change the string gauge? It sounds like you may not be using 9's and need to do a setup. Either way if you are in tune and the floyd is at an angle you probably need to adjust the spring claw in the back. You do that by tightening or loosening (dependong on the angle of the floyd) the 2 screws that attach the claw to the body. There are some youtube videos that show how this is done.

    In your case if the angle is being pulled up too far when tuning you would need to tighten the claw and bring it closer to the body, adding an additional spring may also help. I am not sure what you are tightening on the block but that probably wont do anything to help the angle.Maybe you meant the claw not block?

    • Tony G.

      Yeah, I mean the claw,/....duh. My problem was getting the axe in tune, AND have the Floyd flush. Tigtening the claw was a problem because I would get the claw screwed all the way in, and the Floyd would still be at a slight angle. Added a fourth spring and ta-daaa! Is it just me, or is the third string a problem for everyone, tuning wise? No matter what guitar I play, I have problems with that G string, even when everything else is kicking on all cylinders.

    • Tony G.

      And I was using 10s before, and stayed with 10s. I'm a fairly big guy, and 9s feel like rubber bands.