• Diego S.

    EC 1000 octaves issue


    Hi there, I'm new here and also new as ESP/LTD guitar player.




    I've got an EC 1000 VB recently and the first thing I did was restring it with my favorite 0.10 brand strings but I just can't get the right tone for one octave on the 5th and 6th strings



    Being more clear about what I do, I set the right tone with open  A string, when it's okay I check it on the 12th fret, sometimes it requres a slightly adjust but then I have the A string set openly and on the 12th fret, finally, I check it on the 24th fret an it is far from the right tone, I can say it is halfway from A to A#. If I set it to the right tone on 24 fret it will mess all over...same thing happens with the higher E, so all other 4 strings are ok.


    To check the tone I'm using my ears and also the eletronic tunner from my multi-processor effect.


    I've got 2 other guitars both with floyd rose and I'm used to set them by myself, but now I'm a little lost with this "fixed" bridge so I'm here.


    What can I do to fix it pals???