• Ravaged_Existence

    Are these real ltds?

    Just joined a band that plays 7 strings, and I'm going to be leaving on tour soon and need an axe.  The LTD MH-417 fit my budget and playing needs.  However while looking for the guitar I landed on this site: 


    If you visit the site and look up the mh-417 you'll notice it's going for $325 free shipping (goes for about $760 on musicians friend).

    As you can see the price is unreal and they offer some customizations like a reverse headstock, which I have never seen on an MH-417.  The maple neck seems to be swapped for a brazilian wood one?  Don't know what that is.  Do any you guys have experience with sites such as these? Is this miraculous deal worth it?  

    Yes saving money would be great but what are we really getting here?  All feedback greatly appreciated!

    • Sergio S.

      if they're real i suppose its a good deal, but BEWARE! hehe check the officially registered stores, dont buy if theyre not registered, but try the guitars in muscicians friends and that store

    • 6-String

      Its a fake, the MH-417 isnt avaialble in Black only Black Satin, also they are made in Indoneais not China, the box it is set on for the photos is not an ESP box, looks more like an Ibanez box. The control plates are not the same shape as the ones ESP use. The description on the guitar even says it is a fake or as they say a reissue "1.We are the most professional fabulous reissue guitar factory in China" and they also say it is a ESP LTD SCT607B Baritone 7 String...

      The pickups are not even real EMG's, the tuners are not Grovers, they are fake. Everything about that guitar is fake.

      Save your money and buy from an authorized dealer. Refer to the Dealers link above.