• Beto Sabbath


    I was looking at some of the guitars on the Custom Shop. I saw three Vipers with Floyd Rose, and they definitely looked awsome. When is ESP/LTD going to release floyded versions of the Viper? I think that would be great. (Dean has one, a Dean Gran Sport Floyd, but I don't like the horns.)

    • Jeremy D.

      I'm glad someone else is bringing this up. Personally, I would love to see an LTD 1000 series Viper with Floyd. I love the quality I get out of my other 1000 series guitars, but would like to add a Viper to the collection - and if it can have floyd, I'd prefer it!

    • D-EJ915

      One of the guys from Atreyu had a signature model with a flat top, binding and a floyd.  Gold and black models.  Those are the only production vipers with a floyd that I can recall (aside from the original series ones but those aren't really production anyway).

    • Toonz

      Yes - the Travis Miguel model, TM-600.  It is a Fantastic guitar with an orginal Floyd Rose.

    • Jeff H.

      Wouldn't hold your breath considering they've scaled back viper models dramatically in recent years. There's not even a Standard model anymore. (Or, E II now) and seems like the most variety are low level LTD's like the 200 series.

      • Jeremy D.

        Jeff, your statement is all too true. It's unfortunate. Hopefully this is something that gets turned around in the near future. I'm also hoping they bring back the XTone exotic wood acoustics, and - maybe someday - start making acoustic basses.