• Beto Sabbath


    I was looking at some of the guitars on the Custom Shop. I saw three Vipers with Floyd Rose, and they definitely looked awsome. When is ESP/LTD going to release floyded versions of the Viper? I think that would be great. (Dean has one, a Dean Gran Sport Floyd, but I don't like the horns.)

    • Jeremy D.

      I'm glad someone else is bringing this up. Personally, I would love to see an LTD 1000 series Viper with Floyd. I love the quality I get out of my other 1000 series guitars, but would like to add a Viper to the collection - and if it can have floyd, I'd prefer it!

    • D-EJ915

      One of the guys from Atreyu had a signature model with a flat top, binding and a floyd.  Gold and black models.  Those are the only production vipers with a floyd that I can recall (aside from the original series ones but those aren't really production anyway).

    • Toonz

      Yes - the Travis Miguel model, TM-600.  It is a Fantastic guitar with an orginal Floyd Rose.

    • Jeff H.

      Wouldn't hold your breath considering they've scaled back viper models dramatically in recent years. There's not even a Standard model anymore. (Or, E II now) and seems like the most variety are low level LTD's like the 200 series.