• Jeremy Kohnmann

    LTD V250 - LTD V350

    Hey everyone,

    I know this is kind of a long shot.. But I've been hunting for a Gun Metal Blue LTD V250 or 350 for years.  They were only made in the early 2000's I believe.  I just have never seen that same awesome deep blue metallic finish on anything else since.. well, with exception of that Wayne Static signature with the diamond plate guard over the entire top.  But yeah, if anyone has any leads anywhere or has one and would be looking to sell, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!  /,,/

    • Robert M.

      Yeah... I'm not sure how many of those they made... I passed one up back in 2001 thinking that ESP would continue to produce them... I hadn't seen one for sale literally 15 years after that... fortunately I found a V-350 in black last year for sale way out in BFE Georgia for  $250 I decided it was worth the price and drive to get it...