• Shockers

    I don't have a fave.  I have a superstrat with DiMarzios (Evo Bridge and PAF Pro neck) that I have coil tapped, series parallel that I use for song songs.

    I have a JB/ 59 in my EC 400 VF that is awesome for KISS/ AOR etc

    I have EMG 81/60 in my Ouija and HET SET in my Truckster that I use for heavier stuff.  I have ESP EMG passives in my KH Jr that I want to replace with 81/60 set.
    They can all do what the others do (except for the coil tapped DiMarzios) but they do some things better...

    I like to get different pick ups in each guitar (although the White IC I am getting has the HetSet ) That way I have a different sound with each geet - even if it is a subtle difference.