• Jim D.

    Cool!  Came through the line the same time.  I'm hoping to get the case soon.  Filled out the rebate form and rest is up to ESP.  Good news to hear they have them.

    • Big Daddy B

      I purchased my KHWZ #15 on 3/22 at G.C. in Las Vegas and mailed my voucher in the same day. I didn't hear anything so called ESP on 4/4 (I think) and left a message for some guy named Tony/Tommy. Never got a call back but the case did arrive on 4/8. It's nice looking, but nothing special quality wise.

    • Jim D.

      Yeah I finally got mine on 4/4 and forgot to post.  Talked to a manager from a guitar store that toured ESP and he said they stated they didn't make enough cases the first run so that's why they are late getting them out.  Who knows!  The good news is it sounds .like we are all getting them.  Still a cool case to have.  

      Wow!  15!  I thought I was low at 46.  I wonder if the serial even matters since these are LTD guitars and not a limited run.   Although I did read on another forum a guy complaining about his having 2 EMG 81's.  I'm sure I have an 81 and 60.