• Curtis S.

      I had myself an H100FM a couple years back, which I really liked, but it was not my favorite. I recently found a PB401, when originally looking for an EC, haha. I love this thing! The tone is so deep. It is the most solid guitar I own. That binding!

    • Conanthewarrior

      Mine has to be the MH1000 in See through blue, when I saw it I had to get it, and bagged a great deal! Although, I do really like the EC deluxes aswell, might have to get one soon.

      Should I go for the deluxe, or the 400 series?

    • Marvin C.

      I just picked up a used EC-400AT (black), best guitar I've owned so far. It's great to be playing an ESP LTD again. Anyone had any issues with this guitar? Anything to look out for?

    • End of Times

      F404Fm bass with tribal inlay in trans red.

    • lemmu

                      MMV, mine is -04

    • Michal B.

      Definitly EC-1000 and EX-401FM with EMG 81/60

    • Steve McF

      I've played LTD's before and have always been underwhelmed until recently. I just picked up my first LTD, a KH-25 (Kirk 25th anniversary). Now I'm in the club!

      I saw this guitar in a pawn shop and was drawn to it. I've seen a ton of these LTD KH sig's, but this one looked a little different.I gave it a quick jam, and it felt different too! A real player.I find some guitars are dead on the wall, and others completley sing. You can't tell until you play them. This one sings.

      First thing I noticed is that it was made in Vietnam, and the colour stain of the neck looks amazing. Very yellow-tobacco looking. A strange detail, but very tastey!

      I used it at practice yesturday and I was more than happy with the guitar. The active pickups were decent enough, but missing a little mid range beef. I usually play a Jackson USA(KV2 Select) and this LTD($140!) was just fine. Plus, I don' have to worry about beating up my expensive guitars when the KH-25 come with a factory relic treatment! The control layout is similar to the KV2 as well (2 vol, 1 tone), bonus.

      Easy to set up and a real player! Fret ends look great, no real issues to discuss. I like these inlays alot, they look mean. Not stupid like Kirk's haha. If anything, I would prefer this didn't have the KH sig on the 12th fret. I don't really want to look like a Kirk fanboy, but a pirate would be ok.

      LTD KH25


    • Kride

      Set-neck EXP300



      Also the 'cockstock' H series was awesome

    • ibzespguy

      Like a few more here my favorite model is the EC 401vf. Just got one and it blows away most Gibson LP's. Gorgeous flame top too. I don't believe mine has the Seymour Duncans as it's the newer Chinese model but the stock pickups blow away most stocks I hear these days. Not in a huge hurry to replace them unless a deal on a JB/59 set comes along.

    • Ivan M.

      My favorites are the ec-1000 with emgs and the mh series. 

    • Dominic D.

      Ltd exp 200 and the ltd f series. I have an F50 and an F400.