• Bill D.

    The poor economy is making all types of companies do strange things to make a buck these days.  I also find it odd that ESP decided to open a USA factory at this time, not that I'm complaining.  I just don't get it, but wish them nothing but success.

    • Tondog

      It's all really sad too because ESP knows how to make the best of guitars but their marketing people need to be picked up and shaken a little bit about some of the decisions they're making as of late. I understand the market pressures in Asia and the weak dollar make continued business in the US difficult but manufacturing in the states right now should have officially been the LAST decision they made....especially in CA!!!! Regulations, taxes, and labor will so dimish the ESP brand in the US that it will never recover. If all they intend to do is make $200 mexi strats in the US then they've blown their chances here already.

      I would have thought a Japanese owned company would have known better to do business in the US right at least until this dumbfuck is out of the whitehouse but....