• Paul D.

    It arrived!

    Best 'entry level' bass I've had my hands on. If I had known about these, I would have bought the 4 string version of it instead of an Ibanez Mikro (which I gig with now because I can not use my ESP long scale). Seriously, any kid who gets one of these is probably going to think ESP when they decide to move up. So whoever dropped the ball on spreading the word on these, wake up!

    I'll do a better 'review' later. Yes it is 28.6" scale, pretty much playable out of the box.

    • Paul D.

      My inital enthusiasm has waned. Bottom line - it's ok for noodling around, I would not want to play this while standing up.

      What's still good - the neck (and truss rod). The fret ends are smooth (no need to polish them to avoid cutting your fingers up). Intonation is good, action as well. It can be set up for A=430 , but any lower with the current strings makes the B string poop. I like the strings.

      What's 'functional' - the bridge; my knock against this is the hex screws protruding above the saddles, which is going to irritate the hand if you like to rest on the saddles while palm muting. Machine heads, well, they work.

      The pickup seems good.

      There's a bit of string splay at the nut, which detracts from the look of the bass.

      The WORST feature - the body. It's way too small to ever balance properly, even moving the bottom strap button won't reduce neck dive enough. The top horn is too short. The cutaway is too narrow to comfortably access 24th fret area. And the body is not rounded enough - some sharp feeling edges.