• typeo1980

    esp ltd m300fm question

    So I have been looking for a guitar in my price range that has a floyd rose(650.00) and everything comes with a floyd rose special. So my question is are they any good or junk? I find it a little ridiculous that you have to spend at least almost 1k to get a guitar with a OFR.

    • 1point8t

      Nothing wrong with the Specials. Upgrade the cheap cast metal trem block to a brass 'big block' and you're good.

    • xAsh-

      Are you talking new prices? Shouldnt be hard to find a used guitar with a floyd for less than that. My hanneman sig was 700 and it had a floyd.

    • sahlomonic

      I believe the saddles on the Special are zinc alloy like the trem block, so might not be a bad idea to eventually replace those as well. From what I understand the baseplate is the same as the OFR, but everything that is bolted to it is pot metal/zinc alloy to cut the cost down a little. The Specials are much better than the old Floyd II which had a pot metal base with the steel inserts.