• Void

    EC 1000 VB vs Biohazardtechskullsonguitar
    Set-Neck Construction vs Bolt On
    Gold Hardware vs Black Hardware
    LTD Locking Tuners vs LTD Tuners
    Tonepros Locking TOM Bridge & Tailpiece vs TOM bridge

    EC 1000 looks to be a better instrument to me ( set neck and locking bridge and tuners ) but then again there will probably be a price difference.....

    The biohazardtechskulsonguitar is actually more expensive regardless of it's worst components. Basically you're paying more only to look cooler

    Just tried it out, works fine for classical position it works great. Upper fret access is much better than other LP styles I've played.

    Good to hear that man!
    I'll just go for it

    I've played mine on top, reverse cowgirl and spoon and it always sounds great

    Now I'm stuck with these weird mental images