• Void

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
    There is no way I can test it. I live in a rather small city, there are only chinese replicas and a few mid-range B.C. Richs, no ESP at all
    There is this little shop that imports instruments upon request at very low prices, but it is more than a thousand miles away
    I ordered them an EX 401fm, but thanks to the pseudo-socialist bitch we have for a president here in Argentina, it didn't pass through customs. Apparently they don't have info about that guitar in their end, so they can't apply the accurate taxes.
    So my choices are either this, or the EC Vampire Bio-Tech... which I'm not even sure if it is already on production. Does anybody know? I haven't found any videos or pics of anyone with it
    At least now I know it isn't impossible to play it the way I do

    • Antoon

      EC 1000 VB vs Biohazardtechskullsonguitar
      Set-Neck Construction vs Bolt On
      Gold Hardware vs Black Hardware
      LTD Locking Tuners vs LTD Tuners
      Tonepros Locking TOM Bridge & Tailpiece vs TOM bridge

      EC 1000 looks to be a better instrument to me ( set neck and locking bridge and tuners ) but then again there will probably be a price difference.....