• deus ex machina

    Yes, it will feel different. It's just a matter of getting used to it, tho.

    Fret access on EC's not bad, but I've played guitars with better access, TBH.

    • Antoon

      You can't test it out? Just get to a guitar shop and try one out. EC's are very different to play for me to a Schecter C guitar ( own a C1 ATX and have played a EC 1000 but didn't like it ). Weight balance is different so you will have to adjust though if you right handed and rest it on you left leg ( i.e. between your legs ) you should be fine. I love LP style guitars, but they somehow don't suit me. It's all in the feel of YOUR hands though. Buying unseen only if you can return the guitar or switch for an other guitar for me.