• exp9101


    I found an EC-400at at a local shop last month. They're asking $350. I've always wanted an EC but never liked the body cut in the back. That and they were never the standard "LP" thickness. But this one has no cut and has the standard thickness. I've looked them up on Ebay and they're goin for $600+ so I know it's a good deal. Only thing is someone put Harley Davidson sticker on it (it's used btw). Any tricks to get th stickers off without damaging the finish?

    Also. For anyone that has one, how do you like it? How does it sound with the Seymour Duncan's? I didn't get a chance to play it.

    • mihnea

      I've never played one but SD's should sound good and warm, and as for the sticker, just peel it off and use isopropylic alcohol in order to clean the glue in case there's any left :)

    • TeXXas

      I had an EC-400at (black, modded with EMG combo), an EC-1000, and an ESP Eclipse CTM.

      The only one i still have is the 400AT. I've probably owned it longer than any single guitar, and I don't plan on ever selling it. At $350, you'd better buy it.

      (Admittedly, I do regret selling my CTM)

    • deus ex machina

      Friend of mine has a deffective EC-400AT. He got it for cheap because the route for the bridge pickup is too far away from the bridge.

      It obviously doesn't sound very good in the bridge position, lol, but it plays SUPER nice.