• v8rman

    Thanks for the info. Now that im older i get what people used to talk about with getting past the looks and paying more attention to the subtle things like neck thru vs set thru, woods used and such. Esp model is alot of dough. The 417 seems nice as does the 1007 you mentioned. Im not big on sigs but that Wade looks nice and i cant help but look closer at the Householder model. Know anyone with one?

    • jt76

      I have not seen one in person, and i don't know anyone that has one.  Looks nice.  I am not really a signiture guitar person, unless its a guitar I would buy even if it didn't have the name on it.  buy the way it appears that the zh used to come with emg actives and now it shows on the esp website with dimarzio dactivators.   The d'activators really good pickups they are more dynamic and responsive than the emg's but they are also little looser and a little less crunchy than the emgs.

    • XMetalChefX

      Getting past looks? One of the mosit important things when choosing an instrument is how it looks. Why do you think manufacturers release things in different colors and configs? Because they have to make instruments that appeal to everyone. I totally get your point, but waht you are going to realize is you care about looks, then you dont, then you sit back and say "You know what I like what I like!"


      If your looking at 7 strings, youd be hard pressed to find a better one than the Wade or householder model. Just phenomenal guitars, and I dont play 7's/ Another one I liked was a Buz McGrath sig. INCREDIBLE body shape and when I do a custom itll have that body.