• jt76

    as far as I know the ltd mh 417's are made in indonesia,  the ltd h1007 is made in korea. if you want korean you might want to look for a used ltd h207 from the late 90's  these were made in korea.  They came with duncan design pickups which are ok if you are just trying to find out if you like 7 strings.  They are very well made and usually sell quite cheap.  There is a ltd h307 that is neck thru and came with emg hz pickups, also made in korea, i don't see these come around often and when i do they are not cheap.  there are also m versions,  I owned a m207, it was a great guitar but it had a cheap floyd on it that did not handle heavy bending well.  the mh417 has active emg's in it and are neck thru, they play very nice and seem well constructed even though they are not from korea.  I was seriously considering a mh417 for a while, but ended up buying an ltd alex wade 7 instead.   

    • v8rman

      Thanks for the info. Now that im older i get what people used to talk about with getting past the looks and paying more attention to the subtle things like neck thru vs set thru, woods used and such. Esp model is alot of dough. The 417 seems nice as does the 1007 you mentioned. Im not big on sigs but that Wade looks nice and i cant help but look closer at the Householder model. Know anyone with one?