• Harry H.

    Something like the ec-1000T would be a full thick body with the T denoting 'traditional' (correct me if wrong!?). I want an EC-401 but have seen pics on google images of the back with no extra body cut-out, so more like a regular Les Paul. I was just wondering if there was some documentation somewhere detailing the size differences of differet models? The EC-256 has the cut-out and thin body which I really liked.


    • XMetalChefX

      Sound like you ahd a case where Google was pulling unrelated images for viewing. In MY experience in the state, ESP LTD EC401's only come with the body cutouts. I beleive when they were released in earlier years, they had a much longer lower horn, as well as more of a back akin to a les paul. You should be good with the 401 suiting your liking.