• Paul D.

    ESP LTD B-5JR ?

    Boring preamble: blah blah, medical, blah, short scale bass search. I stumbled upon mention of ESP LTD B-5JR, rumoured to be 28.6" scale (I have such a scale 4 string and really like it). Found a listing for one of these, says made in vietnam, serial number painted over or scratched out. Is this legit? I can find zero mention of short scale basses by ESP / LTD.

    • 6-String

      I think you are talking about our listings. We are an authorized ESP dealer located about 20 minutes from ESP in SoCal. The B-5 Jr bass guitars are ligit and made in Vietnam like you said. I scratched out the SN's on the photos not the guitars just because its more of a stock photo. We have a bunch of them and we didnt want to take photos of every one like we do on the higher end guitars. Small Stack B-5JR


    • Tomas T.


      is or will be the ESP LTD B-5JR available in Europe?

    • Paul D.

      Well this is what I'll have to do ...

      The horn and cutaway will have to be chopped and a piece of wood put in. First I'll have to find exactly where I want that horn strap button, using some sort of temporary attachment to find the best spot. Might have to reshape the headstock to save a little weight up there - that will be the scariest bit to do.