• Adrian Arreola

    ESP LTD SC-200 Stephen Carpenter signature series - See-thru green (My main 6-string) - Drop C tuning

    ESP LTD SC-207 Stephen Carpenter signature series - Black (My main 7-string) - Drop A tuning

    ESP LTD H-338 - Satin black (8-string) - Drop E tuning

    Epiphone Les Paul 100 - Black & cream with EMG-HZ pickups (my first electric guitar ever) - Drop D tuning

    Ibanez GRX720 - Black with orange knobs (my first 7-string) - ADGCFAD - (Korn tuning)

    Squier Affinity Srat - White with rosewood(my only single-coil)- Standard tuning



    • RZK

      You said "ESP LTD" several times, yet you failed to list your Epiphone as a "Gibson Epiphone," or your Squier as a "Fender Squier."


      Is there a reason for this? Calling your LTD an ESP makes it an ESP no more than calling your Epiphone a Gibson makes it a Gibson.


      Why do people do that?



      Edit: This goes for all the assholes ITT who did that, not just you.