• jt76

    bunch of esp's, bunch of ltds, couple of xtones, a few ibanez, a few fenders, a dean, a jackson, an agile and some other stuff.

    esp - custom shop tele

    esp standards,  eclipse archtop, 90's horizon, vintage plus strat, 400 series tele, xj6, xj 12, b1 bass, the mirage

    ltds -aw7, viper deluxe, ec 256, mii, mii deluxe, miii, h200, ec200, kh502, ex 200, the mirage, te202, b204 bass

    xtone - pa1,  pc1v

    fender - powerhouse strat, mexican strat, showmaster strat,american deluxe jazz bass, mexcan fretless jazz bass

    ibanez- artist 2617, s570b

    jackson - dx10fs

    agile - 3100 

    dean - ml shadow signiture