• erry e.

    New horizon, fret buzz!!

    So i got my new horizon, and the thing buzzes like mad on the low e string on all frets, even open, i loosened the neck about 10 times, each time a quarter of an inch. and its still the same amount of buzz going on. what the hell should i do? even tried raising the saddle abit and it didnt help either.

    • Pushead

      Take it to someone.

    • Dimitris M.

      I also bought a new horizon and am getting bad buzz. It's on all the bass strings, however, and travels through to the amp. Have tried raising the bridge, allowing for considerably more neck bow and so forth. No result. The buzz lives on no matter what.

      This is somewhat disappointing considering that my cheap 200p ltd plays better because of this issue. And it doesn't seem to be a set-up issue at all, for that matter -- perhaps the fretwork is to blame... or else, for the life of me, cannot figure out what's wrong. Will be taking it to a pro tech (and travelling between countries to do so) so will update you about what the issue is if he can figure it out..

      • erry e.

        That sucks, I hope you get it working. Ive decided to send the thing back. No guitar at this price should have such issues like this, my 150 euro les paul special 2 plays better than this thing. . what year was your guitar made? mines from the first week of 2013.

    • jt76

      Buzz can come from a number of places.  If you don't know how to properly set up a guitar.  Messing about with it will only make it worse. Some times It can take a week or more to get a neck to the correct curve.  Since you should really only adjust a quarter turn a day.   if you bought from a store they should have set it up properly or I would not have accepted it.  every store i have ever bought a guitar from has at least had a tech that can adjust the neck and bridge.  If you got it from the internet from a warehouse its probaby right off the factory line and has not been set up at all.  Or if you bought it over the internet it might be a fake. 

    • jt76

      Also I got an ltd with a bad truss rod once.  Had the dealer contact customer support and they sent me a new neck.  If something is actually wrong with the guitar ESP should fix it.