• Jeremy D.

    No E-II series for UK and Japan

    I'm totally pissed because I'm feeling a bit ripped off.  ESP uk and ESP japan still have ESP standard series with no plans of an E-II series to replace it. That is such bull.  So if you were born on the west side of the Atlantic you will be paying the same as ESP uk and Japan buyers except their guitars will have ESP on the headstock and yours will have a much less respectable E-II. I guess I will never own an ESP because I will now never be able to afford one. Just gives me more respect for Gibson where I can buy a $2000 guitar and guess what.....It says Gibson on it. I honestly dont know why you would have guitars designed and BUILT by ESP, charge over $2175 (This is what they cost in Canada)  and then call them something else. That is just too much to pay for a wanna be ESP. For a few hundred more I can buy a PRS custom 24 with bird inlays and a quilt maple top and have the prestige of owning an American PRS. Forshame ESP BRING BACK THE STANDARD SERIES!!!!

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