• Hans B.

    You got all that stuff for 800€? That's a crazy deal. I wouldn't get rid of a 2 channel dual rectifier for an m-ii. I would save money and buy it when I can. If you get rid of the DR you will regret it later! 

    • Denny G.

      Yes, a very good deal (considering it is a 2 channel rack, which is said to be the best dual rec)...I had to drive for 300 chilometers to get the stuff but the announce appeared while I was watching randomly in an italian sale site and I answered first. Anyway the problem is I that I need a guitar and I'm broke (I'm at university now, so no incomes at all). I've been playing the mesa 2/3 times a week at home from 2 months, but I don't find it's tone that amazing (of course it has balls and personality, but seems not fit to me), I like more the 5150 sound for the rhythm and the mark one for the leads (but also the tightness of his rhythms). I bought it just because the price was so low (even if here prices are decreasing due to crisis, which is also the reason why it's impossible to find a job) and told myself "if it sounds right to me I'll keep it, if it won't I'll sell it". I'm not in love with it, but I don't want to give it away for a ridicously low price, I tried to find some german sale sites, but I foun nothing. I'll wait and see, If a good offer comes I'll sell it, if not I'll keep it.