• MattiaS


    Hi Guys!

    Long time since my last post.... After a lot of years with my faithfull Snow White Eclipse II, I decided to change my old EMGs... And I decided to go with my favorite Pasive Pickups: Seymour Duncan.

    I was pretty sure about my choice of Duncans, a SH-11 (Custom Custom) for the Bridge and a 59 for the Neck... but now I'm not so sure about my initial choice for the bridge and I'm wondering if I should use the usual SH-4 (JB) for the Bridge....

    I play through a Mesa Boogie 3 Ch Dual Recto (the old version) conected to a Laney 4x12 with Celestions V30... I used to play things like Metallica and Megadeth, but now I'm playing more Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry kind of stuff.

    So... What are your opinion guys???... Suggestions, advices, etc?

    From now, thanks a lot!

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