• Savvas S.

    Apart from the visual flaws Im really worried about the 17th fret, where the arm meets the body of the guitar. I dont know if you can see it clearly but its a bit "comressed" there, you can see the dot inlay even...Its like they "ate" some wood there when they were making it. Im really frustrated as ESP is renowned for their quality..My buddy has an Alexi Laiho on the same price tag and its flawless.

    • TT

      Buddy, you need to give that guitar back to the place who sold it to you.

      Some of those things are from the factory, which shouldn't be there in the first place.

      Those scratches on the neck either came from the factory or the dealer.  The dealer should have seen it before giving it to you.  If this guitar came directly from ESP and straight to you, then ESP needs to sit down and think hard about what they are doing with these 2014 guitars.  I too would be disappointed, and I am with my ESP E-II Eclipse.  I received 2 of them and both had issues.  One went back and I got a 2nd one with a couple of the same issues, and an added finishing flaw in the binding at the neck.  I NEVER would have expected that to happen.  My experience with ESP has always shown great quality and attention to detail, that's why I returned my new Gibson LP Standard Plus and ordered the 2014 ESP E-II.  And yet, here we are with guitars that should not have left the ESP factory as factory firsts.

      I hope you get it sorted out.  I would send it or give it back and demand a new one.   I hope the new one is flawless as it should be.