• Franco


    Hi you can see my little baby guitar on my profile, this a black M-II CTM STD. This guitar a simply awesome, thanks to esp for made this black pearl.

    • Andrea B.

      HI Franco, Can you give me some informations? I have found a second-hand M-II CTM in a guitar shop near my house. I don't understand the reason why it's called custom if the guitar is a standard series. Can you explain this to me? Year of manufacturing? the price is 1350 euros, this is a good price in your opinion? The guitar is in excellent conditions. Thanks a lot and sorry for my english :-). My best regards from Italy

    • Franco

      Hi Andrea. It's called custom because a previous M II was made by the custom shop with this design (ebony fingertouch with wite squares, black gloss neck, 2 buttons and 3 positions selector, jack input position also different with the standard M II) That's why it's a M II CTM Standard Series, like the KH 3 standard series ... The price for an unboxed M II is around 1700 €. I think you can bring down a little bit the price. My M II CTM was manufactured in 2011. Best regards from France