• Pushead

    Mine is seemingly newer by a few years, as it is a reverse knife-stock instead of the Jackson style.  Here's the original logo:

    and for OP, here's what it'll look like under the paint:

    • Poolaboobface

      Thanks for everyone's help, I did really like the stickers but it seemed like someone else's personality on my guitar but he did a really good job and I did think about sealing the stickers so it felt nicer under the hand but like I said as nice as they looked it was someone else's customisation. 

      It is indeed bolt on with a floyd rose the nut has bee changed to non locking but I think I'm going to change it back to a locking nut.

      I bought the guitar for £300 so I don't mind sinking some money into it because it's worth it, I would feel bad sinking money into a guitar that did not deserve it, it sounds amazing and plays really well it's held up well over the years.

      i contemplated just sanding it down and sealing kinda like pusheads guitar it's a nice coloured wood, I'd like to keep it looking 80's maybe with some crazy colours or something but I'm not sure what I'll do yet. 

      Just out of curiosity the binding is white with what looks like lines running through it but only white binding I've ever seen is just pure White does anybody know what the differences is for example is it a different material etc. 

      thanks again