• jt76

    Nice guitar.  Sould be between 87 and 1990.  Only years they made that headstock with that inlay pattern as far as I know.   they definitely made them in reverse headstock.  But I have not seen a catalog with a reverse headstock.  The kh zorlac was a standard model. With a sticker added.  It had a reverse headstock.  I dont belive its in the catalogs either.  I have never seen a 1988 catalog anywhere.  So maybe thats when they went reverse.  I dont know.   also custom order wasnt as big deal for small variations back then if you just wanted something basic Like custom color, custom pickups, or reverse neck.  Very Cool guitar anyway.   Probably has an esp sinclair trem.  If it doesnt have the trem bar they are rare but they come up on ebay a couple times a year.